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11 Things I Wish Non-Homeschoolers Knew

December 6, 2016


by Karen D. Koch Over the years friends and strangers have asked about our homeschooling. I am careful about my responses because I don’t want to come across the wrong way, but I’m often shocked at some people’s comments. Once an acquaintance condescendingly asked me how I thought I was remotely qualified to teach kindergarten to my own […]

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Killing Lions

October 18, 2016


by Luke Vorster, 2016 winner of the $1000 CHEA Support Network Scholarship The Maasai people are a semi-nomadic ethnic group that inhabits parts of Kenya and Tanzania. Like many other African tribes, the Maasai prize physical endurance and proficiency in combat. A fascinating aspect of their culture is the rite of passage that boys must […]

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