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“Meet” Jesus and Virtually Visit Israel

September 14, 2017


What Did Jesus DO All Day? Discovering the Teen Jesus (plus ebook study guide) by Felicia Silcox Reviewed by Karen D. Koch Sometimes in studying the Bible and theology we forget that Jesus lived at a specific geographical location and historical time that can be studied. This book seeks to tackle those question of what […]

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4th Grade Parents — Don’t Miss This!

September 3, 2017


by Karen D. Koch An amazing and unexpected benefit of having my 4th child when I was 41 is that my little guy is now in 4th grade when I’m 50 and we get to participate in the Every Kid in a Park initiative of the National Parks Service! The Service offers a year-long free pass […]

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Develop Lifelong Readers/Learners

April 8, 2017


by Karen Koch Readers are learners. A large portion of our homeschool day involves reading aloud. We have Bible, history, art, math, science, music, and more, but really enjoy our read-alouds as a family, both morning and evening. Not only does the shared reading build family bonds and memories, but books are the open door to discovery […]

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Why Homeschool?

March 18, 2017


by Kristin Murdock Every new school year, you ask yourself the same question: “Why ARE we homeschooling?” Several times a year the question haunts you again (usually when your child experiences a meltdown over uncompleted schoolwork). Then you encounter well-meaning friends, concerned relatives, or even rude strangers who question your motives for homeschooling. From wherever […]

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Have Your Own Geo Club at Home

January 30, 2014

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by Julie Chow 2007 CHEA Support Network Winner – Best How-to Is there a geography club that I can sign-up my kids for? While it is very fun to learn in a group atmosphere, parents do not need to outsource this subject. Sometime we see geography as some foreboding subject to teach. Our family initially […]

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