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Homeschooler Text-Taking Anxiety

October 10, 2016

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Question Hello! I have an 11 year-old-son who is homeschooled. Everything is going fairly well with his schooling except for his tests. Whenever it is time for a test, he will start to cry and become more and more distraught. He will do things like cry, rip up his test, and display extremely poor behavior […]

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6 Critical Year-End Tasks

June 24, 2016


by Karen D. Koch Wrapping up the end of the school year is always a challenge for me. I don’t ever feel as if we’ve done all we could do, but we also need a time to regroup and conclude. Even though we’re dying to do fun and relaxing things when summer comes, I make […]

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When Should My Child Take Pre-Algebra and Geometry?

February 22, 2016


by Janelle Knutson For many homeschool parents, the upper grades can bring on a wave of anxiety as they try to figure out what they need to teach their child. Math is one of those areas. When is your child ready to move from the foundational math he’s been doing in the elementary years to […]

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Tests you won’t find in textbooks

April 3, 2014


by Mary Schofield I’m often asked questions like, “How can you teach advanced high school courses like calculus at home?” My usual response is that with the excellent textbooks available today and with easily accessible resources like the library and the Internet, most courses are pretty easy to teach at home. (Of course, I’m not […]

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