Charter Schools

Why Charter Schools Won’t Work for Christians

The homeschooled pupil may enroll in a charter school offering home study. (E.C. § 47600 et al.) We cannot recommend this option. Here’s an article that briefly details some of the problems with charter school. It is available as a separate brochure from CHEA. Additionally, CHEA carries a booklet, which explains each issue in greater detail.

California Charter Schools – What The Law Says Pertaining to Religious Instruction

There has recently been an increasing number of questions about what the law says with respect to Charter Schools and the use of Christian curriculum or teaching from a Biblical worldview. In light of this, Family Protection Ministries has compiled portions of California law that pertain to religious instruction in California Charter Schools. This document can be viewed and downloaded for printing or duplication on their website at

We encourage you to distribute the printable version of the Charter School document to your friends and group.